Men’s ministry believes that the power of prayer is very crucial for our fellowship and strengthens us more as we walk together. The power of prayer also draw us into our community, and more importantly deepen our relationship with God. The Men’s fellowship is delighted to announce a virtual (phone conference prayer)men’s prayer that will schedule every Wednesday the 1st and 3rd week of the month between 8:30pm- 9:30pm.

Men need encouragement, Godly wisdom and hope today more than ever. While the world tends to tell men to hide their emotions and act tough, God's Word is filled with men who passionately and whole-heartedly sought God with their heart, mind and soul (የወንድ ያለህ ). God has a special calling for men to be strong, courageous leaders, and His Scripture can provide the inspiration we need to make daily steps towards our calling.
Joshua 1:9.


Our Mission is to help connect people to Christ through prayer. We believe that there is power in prayer, power in the name of the Lord and power in the Word of God. Our purpose is to intercede on behalf of others as the Spirit of God leads us. We will not seek our own will through our own efforts but we will humbly come before God with a repentant heart seeking His will.

We submit to Jesus Christ as the Head of the church and will strive to obey His command that His church should be called a House of Prayer.Powerful Prayer Activity is a perfect breakout session at our women’s prayer event.